Trade Waste Tanks

Grease Traps/Grease Interceptors

View details on our range of grease traps and grease interceptors. Above ground, below ground and semi underground grease traps - Including dimensions, specifications and images. Our experience in customised solutions is extensive, we will make it to fit and it will be compliant with the authorities.

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Pump Tanks

CV Plastics Pty. Ltd. manufacture pump tanks for kitchens and other business's. that generate trade waste to complement our trade waste product line up. With many options available we will help make the decision simple! 

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Silt Traps and Pits

Silt traps and silt pits are used for primary pre-treatment of trade waste from businesses that use wash bays or generate floor waste.

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Petrol Interceptors & Oil Interceptors

Generally required in the automotive industry where liquid waste may include petrol and oils. Sizes are available to suit all industries and customised solutions are our speciality. 

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Straining Tanks

CV Plastics Pty. Ltd. manufacture straining tanks suitable for use in laundromats and other textile industries. Customised solutions may include integrated cooling tanks for above and below ground installation.

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Cooling Tanks

Trade waste must exit an establishment below a predetermined temperature. Cooling tanks manufactured by CV Plastics Pty. Ltd. are available in many sizes to help small or large businesses meet these requirements.

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Acid Neutralising Tanks

Schools, Universities, Laboratory's and other industries generating waste that may test too high or too low in PH levels will require an acid neutralizing tank. CV Plastics Pty Lts can supply the tank in many sizes and the medium used inside the tank for a complete solution.

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Settling Tanks

Sometimes called plaster traps, settling tanks are used in dental clinics, hospitals and some manufactring industries where solids that are heavier than water are trapped and prevented from entering the sewer line. Settling tanks or plaster traps can be as small as 20 Litres and as large as 5000 Litres.

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Here is a list of plumbers that are familiar with our product range and may be able to assist with installation. If you are a plumber and would like to have you company listed, please contact us.

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At Aquarium Industries we rely on CV Plastics for their design services and fantastic products. We appreciate their personal service and skill. It’s a pleasure doing business with CV Plastics

Carla Northmore - Aquarium Industries


With all my dealings with CV Plastics l have always found them to be extremely helpful, efficient and provide a good quality product that fits to what l need"

Peter Trabinger - O2 Plumbing

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